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Sicilian Surnames Search Engine

Search Engine:


Query Parameters:

Surname = Bronte;

Mode = Exact surname;

Towns where the surname occurs: 6 out of 390.

Towns are ordered by province and then by number of occurrences.

In the left hand column is displayed the estimated number of individuals having the given surname shown in the right hand column. The numbers are shown with a two-decimal precision, meaning that a number of 106.10 estimates there are at least 106 people in the town with that name, while the number 75.78 means there are likely 76 people in the town with that name.

52.69 Butera Cl Bronte
21.05 Gela Cl Bronte
84.31 Palermo Pa Bronte
4.30 Casteldaccia Pa Bronte
4.02 Bolognetta Pa Bronte
3.40 Trappeto Pa Bronte