The town of Agrigento

Local products from Agrigento

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Oranges, peaches and cantalupi
Products from Agrigento

Product in the areas of Agrigento. Gustoso, preservable fruit for along time outside from frigo and the profit reserves of fresh fruit.

One of the products mainly cultivates to you to Agrigento is the peach. The three variet pi diffuse: the White woman, the Agostina and the Settembrina.

The oranges are produced in nearly all the Sicily and above all to Agrigento. Between the produced varieties we number: Navellina, Brazilian, Tarocco, Moor, Washington Navel, Ovale and Valencia.

Strawberries, ficodindia and grape Products from Agrigento

Two are the types cultivate to you: the fragoline and the fragoloni. They are tasted fresh, but they are made also to appreciate in freezes to you, in the fruit juices nonch in the creams and the confetture. Ficodindia
The ficodindia is a typical plant of the Mediterranean landscapes. The ficodindia they are ovoidali spiny berries and they exist three varieties: the White woman (muscaredda), the Yellow (surfarina) and Red (the blood one).

Agrigento is the second sicialian province for grape production. The variety; of greater pregio produced in the agrigentino it is; the Grape Italy di Canicatt, the only grape from table in all Europe to to have recognized the Protected Geographic Indication.

Olives, almonds, lenticchie and carob beans

Carob beans

The closing happens between August and December, the fruit has the successive summer. The carob beans when they are mature have the color of the chocolate, the shape of long pods until 20 cm and to the inside hard seeds and polish.

Olives The olive tree is a secular tree that grows well in all Mediterranean. It blooms from you open them to July, the fruits are drupe large greens until 4 cm.; they have polpa green oleosa, than to complete maturation it becomes black.

Products from Agrigento


Agrigento is more celebre of the agrarian landscapes bases to you on the almond tree. The almonds mature in summer and introduce a bucherellato kernel that encloses the fruit to the inside.


The lenticchie have been between first legumi cultivate to you and consume to you from the man. They are between legumi the more small, adapted for the winter.

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