The town of Calamonaci

Tourism in Calamonaci

The Feast of St. Vincenzo Ferreri

Calamonaci, situated in a luxuriant lookout, was founded by Antonio Termini Feneri with licentia populandi in 1574.

The origin of the town is connected to the cult for St. Vincenzo Ferreri. Actually, Baron Don Bernardino Termini Feneri, who in February 1584 founded Calamonaci, decided to build a church for the saint's believers and he built the Mother Church in piazza Matrice.

The people, in order to propitiate the saint, established a feast for the patron saint.

Photo © Municipality of Calamonaci 

The Statue of St. Vincenzo

The feast for St. Vincenzo Ferreri, which was originally held in spring and organized by local confraternities, has been changed many times. The present day feast is held in August.

During the event two groups of believers compete: the "sammichilara", devoted to St. Michael the Archangel, and the "sangiuvannara", devoted to St. John the Baptist.

Photo © Municipality of Calamonaci
The Statue of St. Giovanni Batiste

The two groups measure their strength in the so-called "rigattiate", a headlong run along the whole town, carrying the heavy simulacra of the saint they are devoted to.

As soon as the competition ends, the feast goes on and the statue of St. Vincenzo is taking in procession.

It starts from the Mother Church and crosses all the village along the "giru di li Santi", an old path going through the whole town.

Photo © Municipality of Calamonaci
The Spectacular Fireworks

Soon after, there is another competition, this time involving the most prestigious firework masters of Italy: the Mediterranean Fireworks Grand Prix.

The celebration is ended with some other sport competitions, involving both "sammichilara" and "sangiuvannara".

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