The town of Camastra

Tourism in Camastra

The Archaeological Areas

Camastra rises at about 40 km. far from Agrigento, on the fruitfulhills dotted by olive trees, citrus fruits and almonds. The beautifullandscape is completed by the clear waters of the rivers Salso andPlatani.

The village was founded by the name of Ramulia in 1620 byGiacomo Lucchesi who became duke of it in 1625.

North-east ofthe inhabited centre rises the mount called Castellazzo di Camastraon whose top there is a mighty tower dating to 1500.

In the place there are traces of an ancient town of uncertainattribution. The traces of a glorious past are held in the remains ofwalls, houses and graves of pre-historic and historic ages.

Photo © Municipality of Naro
The Archaeological Areas

Preciousmaterial found testifies the high level of civility reached by localpeople.

Relics deposited into seat make up an important archaeologicalindication for remaking a long part of mans history, fromPalaeolithic period, the most ancient period of the Stone age, till toadvanced Greek age.

Of the Bronze age are some graves excavated in the rock, insidewhich have been found some artistic painted ceramics now kept inthe Archaeological Museum of Palermo.

In the quarter Canale there is a Christian necropolis, called Grottadelle Meraviglie (Grotto of Wonders), capable to provoke intenseemotions. Another Christian necropolis, with several gravesconnected by a long cuniculus, raises in the quarter of DonnaLigara.

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