The town of Campobello di Licata

Tourism in Campobello di Licata

Piazza XX Settembre

Campobello di Licata, founded in 1681 with licentia populandi granted by Charles II of Spain to Don Raimondo Ramondetta, Duke of Montalbo, owes its name to the fertility of its plateau.

The downtown is characterized by large and nice squares, ideal set for meetings and popular events reviving the old traditions.

Piazza XX Settembre is undoubtedly the main square of Campobello di Licata, and here you find the most important buildings of the town, the Mother Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and the Town Hall, whose facade is adorned by 6 wall murals by Silvio Benedetto.

Photo © Fausto Vella 

Piazza XX Settembre

The northern part of the square is the so-called "lu scanaturi". Here all the social events take place: political, business and play meetings, encounters, entertainment. "Lu scanaturi" is undoubtedly the forum of the town.

Of great artistic interest is the floor pattern formed by valuable marble and granite in modern Baroque style, harmonious bas-reliefs and elegant stone mosaics.

The inside circumference of the square is embellished by stone benches, flowerbeds and a wonderful crown of ficus trees.

The southern part of the square houses two beautiful bronze statues: the Sower and the Woman with a jug, by Silvio Benedetto. They are set on two red marble blocks and represent two characters of the popular local tradition.

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