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Festivity of the Tataratà and of the Santa Croce

The Festivity of the Tataratà and of the Santa Croce, is carried out in Casteltermini from Friday to Sunday during the last week of May.

This is one of the most original and rich festivities in Sicily and arises from a legend.

In a remote time a cow was often seen like always knelt down in the same place in the campaigns of Chiuda.

Made curious and inspired by the divine wish, some shepherds decided to dig in that point.

Photo ©© Affinità Elettive The triumph of colors during the festivity of Tataratà

They found an ancient a wooden cross made in the time of the Christian persecutions of the emperor Decio Roman.

Thus it is in memory of this extraordinary event that born the Festivity of the Santa Croce in which is inserted that one of the Tataratà, whose name comes from the from the ritmata taste saraceno and from the phrenetic sound of the tamburi.

The fests beginis on friday evening, when the representatives of the Real Maestranza guide the ancient carroccio decorated with flowers up to the Eremo di Santa Croce in order to take in delivery the copy of the great cross.

Photo ©© Affinità Elettive Particular of decorations for the festivity of Tataratà

The representatives of the ranks parades wearing splendid secenteschi customs on horses barded with caparisons multicolors of velvet, to horse also numerous Amazons and still one stallone to the center of the corteo that firm in public square Dome.

And happens the famous one here dance-battles of the Tataratà, whose origins are ancient and dark.

The greater part of the students reconnects the ritual to the first processioni of the Croce Saint to which they would have participated Arabic converted executing dances with the sabres to the sound of a drum.

Esistono, instead, discordant opinions on the meant one of the same sciabolata one that comes interpreted is like battle between Muslims and Christians are like allegoria of the pacific cohabitation of the two etnie under the dominion normanno.

During the festivity of the Tataratà in group of boys entire dressed of white man to the Arabic way it is exhibited in a "duel" to blows of poderose iron swords.

The young people, most skillful, executes a series of disponendosi spectacular figures hour to circle, hour to braces and engaging that one that at times seem a battle and one dance.

The phrenetic blows of sword and the hops follows the incessant rhythm of a drum from which the onomatopeico name of the festivity.

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