The town of Castrofilippo

Tourism in Castrofilippo

The Mother Church

Castrofilippo, situated on a high ground surrounded by luxuriant hills, was founded in 1576 by Stefano Monreale, Duke of Metinna and viceroy of Sicily.

The most important monument of the town is the 18th century Mother Church, dedicated to the Madonna of Rosary.

The entrance to the church is delimited by a wrought iron gate with vertical elements. Its facade has a small portico in its lower part.

It is on the ground floor and has three arch openings, divided and supported by elegant decorated columns.

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The mother church

On the front part there is the main entrance with a massive rectangular door, adorned by a triangular frame.

The facade the church has, on its superior part, an exquisite window decorated with friezes using the same pattern of the portico.

The building ends with a flat triangle pediment, included among two oblique frames in relief and the tympanum.

In both side of the tympanum there is a clock tower and a bell tower.

Photo © Municipality of Castrofilippo 

Particular of passing

The Carnival

It wants of transgression perhaps and of entertainment, typical of the period of Carnival, long tradition and for years or for centuries has one expressed in the spontaneous organization of masked groups.

From some years carnival castrofilippese for caught up dimensions and notorieties, is approached already notices carnivals of Acireale and Sciacca.

The ancient masked groups has left the place the paraded ones of wagons, to the masks, the dances in public square and the competitions to prizes.

The beauty and the finishing touch of the wagons, prepared with passion and artistic taste from local craftsmen, painters, creatives and the originality of the masked groups and the single wagons, the joyous and serene climate of paraded and finally the possibilities to taste the products of the local gastronomy attracts numerous visitors, that they come is from the neighbourhood that give the entire Sicily.

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