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Cianciana (Zip Code 92012) is 49 Km. distant from Agrigento, the province it belongs to, 121 Km. from Caltanissetta, 259 Km. from Catania, 162 Km. from Enna, 326 Km. from Messina, 123 Km. from Palermo, 185 Km. from Ragusa, 266 Km. from Siracusa, 166 Km. from Trapani.

The municipality counts 4.580 inhabitants, its surface measures 3.770 hectares, and its population density is of 121 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises on an internal hilly area, 390 meters above the sea-level.

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The Church of Purgatorio

The Town Hall is located in via Papa Giovanni XXIII n 1, tel. ++39 0922-987153 fax. ++39 0922-984232.

A charming agricultural town, Cianciana stands out for the cultivation of almonds, grapes, and olives, that are exhibited and can be tasted during the annual Fairs in June and August. Sheep farms are flourishing. Typical is the local marble and wood handicraft.

The name Cianciana derives from the Latin term Cianciana, that was a vast Roman land estate property of a fellow so called Ciancius.

The suburb was founded in 1640 with "licentia populandi" by feudatory Antonio Ioppolo. He first achieved the title of duke, and in 1677 he was nominated prince of the town.

Approximately during the XVIII century, the country town was taken over by the Bonanno princes, who remained until 1812, when the feudal rights were abolished.

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The monuments that stand out are the Chiesa Madre erected during the XVII century and dedicated to the SS. Trinità, the Chiesa del Purgatorio and the Convento dei Riformati, both dated 1600. The several buildings located in the urban center are noteworthy, such as the Palazzo Ioppolo, the Palazzo Cinquemani, and the Palazzo del Barone Micheli.

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