The town of Menfi

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The old Inyco

Menfi was founded in 1638 by Diego Tagliavia Aragona, and is situated on a hilly plateau. According to Philipp Cluverio (1580-1623), humanist and geographer from Danzica, founder of historical geography, Inyco was once in the land among the hills of Montagnoli di Belice. It dates back to the old kingdom of the Sicans.

In Montagnoli some artifacts have been excavated, belonging to the local civilization and made in the Iron Age (IX-VIII century BC). They were inside a 10 metre large area, delimiting the settlement itself.

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Particular of garden of Menfi

The acropolis was destroyed and later rebuilt in the same spot in the 7th century BC.

It got some influence by the Carthaginian kingdom, as shown by the peculiar kind of tombs found in the nearby hill of Santa Caterina.

In the 7th century Inyco played an important role in the trade among the inland villages and those along the coast.

In that period the town was strongly influenced by the powerful Selinunte and actually it got the same fate: both were destroyed by the Carthaginians.

The Greek pottery, the small North-east necropolis and the fortifications South-east of the town are evidence of the political-military control of the Punic kingdom over Inyco.

The site of Montagnoli was also inhabited, in the pre-Arab period, by people who lived of farming and cattle breeding, as shown by two arched niches, probably counting sarcophagi, dated back to the early Christian period.

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