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The Roman Villa

About two kilometres from Montallegro, in the locality of Campanaio, have been found traces of an ancient settlement which extends over three hectares on a slight slope which looks from high the small lake Gorgo.

The place is full of remains of tiles, ceramics, glass and other objects. The most ancient fragments, found in the centre of the settlement, date back to the IV century B.C., while some graves made up of tiles date the inhabited centre to the V century B.C..

Several findings concern with precious ceramics painted with black paint of the II and I centuries B.C.. The Roman age, between the I and the V centuries A.D., has surely been the period of greater increase of the ancient place and of that time there are numerous ruins of arched graves made into a plaster wall.

Photo © Municipality of Montallegro
An archeological find

Excavations of 1980 have pointed out remains of a Roman Villa: the preence of glass of best quality and of some marble slabs underline the elegance of the building.

The most interesting founds, found in the middle part of the structure, concern a dry-wall, a refined stone basin and some fragments of earthenware, typical of Roman art: pots, of different workmanship, got a long shape; outer of basin is covered by two stata of plaster while inner, a mixture of lime and very small piece of pottery, is intense red coloured. Among teh most interesting findings are to mention three coins of Imperial Rome, of which only one is still readable.

The Villa has been surely object of easy incursions because of its position nearby the coast and it was probably destroyed in the V century B.C..

Excavations have also testified the existence, in the IV and V centuries A.D., of wheat, vine, olive and lentil growings.

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