The Pelagie (Lampedusa and Linosa)

Tourism in Lampedusa

The Natural Reserve

One of the isles of the Pelagie archipelagos, Lampedusa is a limestone tableland ending north with an impressive cliff, rocky walls falling sheer to the water.

The landscape is wonderful from the water.

In the south, the coast is very indented and there are headlands and many bays with sand beaches.

Lampedusa is actually closer to Africa than to Italy and it is surrounded by clear waters, a big contrast with the inland, desolated, arid and rocky.

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L'isola dei Conigli - Lampedusa

The islanders do not grow anything and prefer fishing, as shown by the big fleet anchored in a protected harbour.

In May 1995 a natural reserve was created and there turtles can spawn their eggs. Every year several turtles come to the famous Isola dei Conigli (the Isle of Rabbits), in a uncontaminated environment with very fine sands.

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Big jellyfish

These animals look for quiet places when spawning, and the Isola dei Conigli is one of the last spots available.

Beautiful is also the underwater view, offered to those who wear masks and flippers to explore the seabed, full of many different coloured fishes.

The seabed suddenly becomes dark green: it is the poseidonia, an aquatic plant also called the Mediterranean lung, as it releases oxygen into the water.

If you go deeper, you'll find beautiful corals, sponges and madrepores.

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