The town of Santo Stefano Quisquina

Local products from Santo Stefano Quisquina

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The cheese of  Santo Stefano Quisquina The cheese of Santo Stefano Quisquina

The cheese, which is the main product of the above mentioned activity, is produced in some diffe rent types: pecorino in its various seasonings (tuma, seasoned primo sale and peppery primo sale), misto (made with cow's and sheep's milk), vaccino (made with cow's milk), caciocavallo and provola.

The phases of production of the cheese are various. To obtain the fermentation of the milk it needs add lamb or kid rennet to it, having a division into facciata and tuma.

The dairyman puts the latter into special containers called precentini, and put them into the boiled whey so that the cheese is half-cooked.

To obtain the primo sale he lets the above-mentioned tuma be covered with salt and dry for many days. Another type of cheese is ricotta (a sort of cream cheese) which is obtained by letting the whey boil with the milk.

This kind of cheese can be immediately tasted with the hot whey and is called zabbina. The same ricotta can be dried with salt and eaten on paste.

The handicrafts: the fireworks The handicrafts: the fireworks

One of the most important element of the local economy is handicraft with its various fields: wood, iron, glass, marble, leather, furniture, restoration and fireworks.

The main characteristic of the local handicraft is due to the fact that some of the artisans work in old shops with traditional tools, while the other work in modern factories developing old masters' experience.

There are also mills and oil-mills where wheat and olives are turned. The renowned local bakeries produce fresh bread and traditional cakes.

Excellent pieces of embroidery, crocheting and knitting are made by the women of the village with a traditional process; unfortunately this important kind of handicraft hasn't found any openings yet. Modern beauty centres and professional hairdressers can be also found.

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