The town of Campofranco

Tourism in Campofranco

Mount Conca

In the territory of Campofranco, a small town in the centre of a mining area founded in 1573 by Giovanni Campo, one can visit an interesting natural reserve covering Mount Conca area.

Monte Conca is actually a small mountain where the water eroding process has excavated caves which are still under modification because of an underground river flowing inside of them.

Of great interest for the physical, morphological and biological features research are the caves of the Inghiottito and Risorgenza.

Photo © Estate in Sicilia 

Inghiottito of the Mount Conca

The Cave of the Inghiottito, opening at about 275 metres in the southern side of the mount, is divided in three parts:

  • the first, easy accessible, runs horizontally for 100 metres;
  • the second one, runs vertically and has four wells, no more than 30 metres deep;
  • the third has a quite winding final part, 370 metres long.

The Cave of the Risorgenza, also known as Cave Carlazzo, opens on a bend of Gallo d'Oro river and runs for 250 metres.

The Mount Conca
Photo © Estate in Sicilia
The Mount Conca: the reservoir
Photo © Estate in Sicilia

Along the river one can admire the ruins of a bridge built by the old Romans, of great archeological importance.

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