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Products of Delia

The cuddrireddra of Delia

The cuddrireddra, a Sicilian word meaning 'small biscuit', comes from the Greek word "kollura" meaning cake and is a great sweet typical of the town of Delia.

The cuddrireddra of Delia is shaped like a wheel, a ring or a crown.

Its typical shape is a tribute to the noble women of Delia who lived in the medieval fortress that still dominates the town during the war of the "Vespri Siciliani" (1282-1302).

The ingredients of the cuddrireddra of Delia consists of durum wheat flour, fresh eggs, sugar, a little lard, red wine, cinnamon and orange peel.  

Products of Delia

The mixture is worked on a wooden axle, named the "scanaturi", and once the right compactness is obtained then the same mixtuyre in divided in small rolls that are wrapped around a peg.  

The sweet, removed from the peg, is then placed on a tool called "comb" consisting of two branches of wood connected by a series of strips of bamboo canes.  

The sweet, then, receives the characteristic 'rifling': both ends are then united so to form the typical crown shape. When the cake modeling is completed the sweet is fryed in olive oil.  

The cuddrireddra must be crunchy, sweet with a pronounced flavor of cinnamon, orange peel and a slightest hint of red wine.  



Products of Delia  

Originally it was a typical sweet prepared during Carnival, but today it can be found all year long in the bakeries of the area.  

The cuddrireddra of Delia is very good to taste after lunch or dinner, in combination with wines like the Sicilian Passito di Pantelleria or the Moscato di Siracusa.

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