The town of Gela

Tourism in Gela

The Acropolis

Gela's acropolis, situated on a stretched out hill, dominates a fertile plain on the banks of the homonymous river, once a landing spot and penetration way for ships.

In the western side of the hill there was the Necropolis.

Up to 405 BC, the Acropolis housed the town's main sacred buildings. All architecture decorations and stone ornaments kept in Gela's museum come right from here.

When Gela was ruled by Timoleonte - who rebuilt the city walls in 338 b.C., after the sacking by the Carthaginians in 405 BC - the Acropolis lost its sacredness and many buildings were built there, after levelling the area.

Photo © Luigi Nifosì
The Acropolis

From the archaelogical excavations we know that there was a proper city district, with houses and shops.

Inside the Acropolis, in the so-called Park of Remembrance, the ruins of a Doric style temple have been found.

The style is one of the simplest, characterized by six columns on the short sides, and eleven on the long sides.

Further west, in a spot which was once a pre -Greek sanctuary, a beautiful Doric temple has been discovered, dedicated to Athena, the Greek goddess of science.

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