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Panoramic view of Sutera
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Sutera (Zip Code 93010) is 38 Km. distant from Agrigento, 59 Km. from Caltanissetta, which is the province it belongs to, 185 Km. from Catania, 100 Km. from Enna, 281 Km. from Messina, 107 Km. from Palermo, 174 Km. from Ragusa, 250 Km. from Siracusa, 206 Km. from Trapani.

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The municipality counts 1.879 inhabitants, its surface measures 3.555 hectares, and its population density counts 53 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises over an internal hilly area, 590 metrs above the sea-level.

The Town Hall is located in piazza Umberto I n. 37, tel. ++39 0934-954300 fax. ++39 0934-954769.

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Situated at the foot of the mountain Monte San Paolino, Sutera excels for the production of cereals, almonds, and olives. Cattle breeding and sheep farms are consistent because of the numerous pasture areas.

The name Sutera derives from the Greek term Soter, that means "il Salvatore" (the Savior). The first who occupied the land were the Muslims.

Photo © Municipality of Sutera 

Church of Sant'Agata

During the XI century, it was conquered by the Normans, who outstood the others for the various improvements introduced throughout the land. In 1366, the suburb was bestowed to Count Giovanni III Chiaramonte from Caccamo, whose family kept it until 1560, when it became property of the State.

The first urban structure goes back to the XV century. The current inhabited center was rebuilt after the disastrous landslide of 1905.

The most outstanding monuments are the baroque Chiesa Madre of 1700, the Chiesa di S. Giovanni, with its remarkable stuccoes by Serpotta (1656-1732), and the Chiesa del Carmine preserving a marble holy-water vessel dated 1500, as well as a marvelous statue of the Madonna del Soccorso.

The Sanctuary of S. Paolino is relevant, situated on the extremity of the homonymous mountain, preserving the Saint's urn.

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