The town of Aci Castello

Tourism in Aci Castello

The Civic Museum

The Civic Museum has been institued with the intent to give prominence to several landscape and scientific resources of the place.

The choice of its location is not casual in fact it is placed inside the imposing Norman Castle which overlooks the village with its black lava walls and its history dates back to 1000.

The Museum now shows four different sections mineralogy, palaentology, archaeology and the acquarium of Mediterranean. Of these sections it is possible to visit only the first two in that the others are on getting.

Photo © Walter Lo Cascio 

Aci Castello

In the section of mineralogy have been always studied submarine conditions and emergencies of the Castle and of the isle of Lache. Particular attention is given in this way is given to basalts of columns and lava lapilli.

Moreover it is possible to admire minerals of Etna and of previous volcanoes as well as a big show-case that contains obsidian and flint founds.

As regards the second section, that of palaeontology, its inside it is possible to admire ancient founds of invertebrates datable near 170-150 millions years ago.

It is also possible to abserve teeth and the fossilized bones of vertebrates which date back to the Quaternary period such as the Cervus Elaphus, dwarf elephant and Hippopotamus Pentlandi.

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