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Masculina da Magghia Masculina da Magghia

In the Gulf of Catania, which stretches from Cape Mills Cape Santa Croce, in the municipality of Augusta in a portion of sea safeguarded by Nature Reserve Marina Islands Cyclops and rich in small boats of fishermen fishing in the gulf is the famous Masculina by Magghia or better known as "anchovy."

The name derives from the Latin "Engraulis encrasicolus" which means precisely "anchovy" then become in the Sicilian dialect also: masculini, anciuvazza, anciuvurineddu.

The masculina presents an elongated body, slender, pointed muzzle, conical, mouth wide and a maximum size of venti centimetri.

Masculina da Magghia

In April, one begins to decline the case, so are called in Catania menaidi networks, which have a mesh side centimeters long and are about 300 metres.

Fishing for anchovy case with the mechanism of capture, that is with imprisonment of the head dell'alice in mesh network, which derive its name from magghia, which causes bleeding natural that makes the most tasty fish and therefore valuable.  


The masculina by magghia in salt is not yet on the market, the presidium Slofood is trying to riorganizzarne the production and marketing.

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