The town of Acireale

Tourism in Acireale

The most beautiful Carnival in Sicily

Its origins date back to the XVI century and for 70 years to now, the Carnival of Acireale has been considered the most beautiful of Sicily.

Once it was celebrated with throwing eggs and oranges but in the time it has become more and more refined.

In the XVIII century were born the "abbatazzi" who gave a more cheerful impression to the manifestation.

Infact they represnted figures of popular poets who were very skilful in inventing pleasant rhimes that recited to people along the streets.

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In the XIX century very important for Carnival's artistic improvement was the "cassariata", a parade of carriages reserved to the nobles who threw coloured confetti at people in the streets.

The amusement was increased by several games which took place in the square and were organized on occasion of the manifestation.

Among these we cite: tug-of-war, greasy pole and sack-race and many others which have still now played to keep alive the tradition.

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The Carnival of Acireale

At the end of the Twenties, Carnival of Acireale has acquired a strong turist value but above all its value was folkloristic.

This, in the time, led to the birth of suggestive paper-pulp masks (the Thirties), to transformation of them in allegorical carts livened up by satirical groups, to the introduction of cars adorned with flowers and these things helped in recognizing this manifestation like one of the most famous at international level.

The manifestation has carried on developing with carts and masks greater and greater as well as more and more coloured, using flowers and flowers for its carts (more than 30.000 carnations), and it always attracts people and people, amusing all of them.

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