The town of Belpasso

Tourism in Belpasso

Through the town streets

Belpasso is not far from Catania on the southern side of Etna. The village, plunged into a lavic territory intensively cultivated, belongs to those inhabited centres risen again for many times after having been destroyed by incandescent lavaflow of Etna. Belpasso was razed for two times, in 1669 and in 1693, and twice it was rebuilt.

The present small town was founded in 1695 according to the town plan of the architect Giovanni Bellia who retionally arranged the town in order to obtain the best conditions for the exsistence both collective and individual, trying to conciliate the different economic, social, hygienic and artistic needs of the whole population.

The regular chess-board bond shows the houses which are set round wide curtyards, which is this a characteristic of Spanish houses.

Photo © Zimbone Antonio 

Balcony of Palazzo Bufali

Splendid is also the chromatic effect of lavic tuff, used in the buildings and it is also inlaid and so creates a precious artistic work.

Among notable architectures which give glory to Belpasso, there is the Cathedral Church which is very intersting and it is dedicated to Santa Lucia and was planned by Bellia.

The XVIIIth-century temple shows on the front of the building two magnificent portals while inside, which is richly decorated, shows two canvases and sculptures of notable artistic value.

Of best workmanship are columns with original capital and with a twisted spiral shaft and stuccoes which adorned the church.

Two elegant palaces of 1700 complete the town furniture, Bufali Palace and Scrofani Palace which show a very elegant architecture.

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