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Pistachio of Bronte Pistachio of Bronte

The pistachio is a plant that originally came from the Mediterranean basin, Persia and Turkey.

This plant is important for its seeds, used for the direct consumption in pastry-making confectionery and to aromatize sausages.

The Sicily is the only Italian region where the pistachio nut is produced. The green pistachio of Bronte represents the main economic resource of the territory.

Pistachio fruits are united in clusters and constituted by lengthened drupes smaller than an olive.

In the passage from flower to fruit it has got a red colour, when it is ripe its colour can vary from green-reddish to white-rose and to yellow-cream.

The pistachio is constituted from a thin walnut husk that crumbles easily, it has got a lengthened aromatic light-green seed with a sweet and soft taste.

The fruit is commercialized in various way: Tignosella (shelled), peeled (shelled and without endocarp), granulated, flour, rods, sliced or in paste.

The producer takes off and dry the walnut husk, then sells his shelled pistachio to export firms.

The peculiarity of the brontese pistachio is its uniform alive green colour, and its pronounced aromatic quality, for this reason it is privileged in the manufacture of nougats, of confectionery products and of ice-creams, but above all of pregious sausages and in high quality gastronomy.

Every year, in September, in the historical center of Bronte, you can assist at the Festival of Pistachio nut.

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