The town of Calatabiano

Tourism in Calatabiano

The Medieval Castle

Industrious centre of the medieval life at the end of the XV century, the Castle stands out on the mouth of the river Alcantara and from there once it presided over the streets of admittance to Sicilian inland.

The building keeps in the highest area ruins of a Norman civilization, while in the defensive and residential agglomerates may be found traces of Swabian and Aragonese periods.

One of the most elegant room of the Castle is the hall of Cruyllas, set near the middle of the curt-yard. Its inside there are two windows from which it is possible to admire the marvellous Alcantara valley.

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The Norman Castle

In the middle of the hall there is an precious XVth-century arch made from lavic stone. On it there are the insignia of Cruyllas and Aragoneses.

In direction of the long enclosure of the Castle, and more exactly at the right end, there is a small chapel with the apse and its wall on the external side shows a very precious completion made from calcareous stone.

Recently the Castle has been restored. The area which were interested in the works of repair are some inside rooms, rebuilt or covered, and some parts of wall curtains of external perimeter which have been retouched in the finishings.

Unfortunately, in this case too, the effectiveness of such works is rather failing and what feels the effects is the original structure of the Castle.

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