The town of Caltagirone

Tourism in Caltagirone

The Cathedral

Consecrated to San Giuliano, the Cathedral was built in the Norman period and later it was undergone to different works of changing and repair.

Such works have started near the last years of the XVI and the early of the XVII centuries, with the rebuilding of the whole building under Simone Gullì s guidance (1620-1639) architect of Messina.

In 1838 the main front was demolished because it was damaged and in the early of the XX century it was built another with a floral mark.

Photo © Municipality of Caltagirone 

The Cathedral

The inside shows a Latin cross plan with three naves divided by columns. Altars of the right aisle are enriched with various pictures whichare ascribed to Francesco (1802-1882) and Giuseppe (1793-1866) Vaccaro brothers.

In the first altar it is possible to admire the representation of Sant'Eligio; in the second Santa Febronia; in the third the portray of San Giacomo and in the fourth the "Disputa nel Tempio" (Debate in the Temple). In direction of altar of right transept there is a valuable wood Crucifix dates back to the XV century.

In the left transept, there are a statue which may be attributed to the school of Gagini (1478-1536) and represents "Madonna col Bambino" (Our Lady with Christ Child) and at the altar there is a wood sculpture representing "Cristo morto" (Dead Christ) painted by Giuseppe Vaccaro.

Finally, in the capitular room there is a wood choir skilfully worked in baroque style, brought in the Cathedral from the church of San Bonaventura.

Photo © Municipality of Caltagirone 

Particular of famous Cribs of Caltagirone

The Cribs

In the Middle Ages the Sacred rappresentazione exalted the need to transfer in comprehensible images the objective difficulties to comprise the dogmas of the faith and to dramatise.

Therefore the world popular, lacking in cultural mediations, transferred just endured pathos existential in the these moments symbol, in particular in the Natività and the Dead women, with which realizing the identification between life and faith

Therefore the Manger divenne the crystallization for excellence of the Sacred rappresentazione of the Natività in which everyone it can be not only the spectator of the event, but also the narrator and the creator of the scene and that humility of the personages and the adhesion of the places to just the world render the identification with the real society and its time reasonable.

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