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The town of Catania

Local products from Catania

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Local products and handicraft

Palumbo Fiordoliva Prodotti Biologici

Azienda Agricola Giovanni Palumbo Piccola Società Cooperativa a.r.l.
Corso Italia n. 45
95129 Catania (CT)
Tel. 06-3243878 095-442541
Fax 06-3243878

The kind of goods are: black and green table olives preserved in brine or in oil, green and black olive paté, marmalades.

The annual production is: from 1.000 to 20.000 pots for each kind of product according to the market demand.

The technological process is: the produce is processed in a natural way without additives or preservatives.

Further information on the business: the olive-grove is situated along Tricona road (Lentini), in the province of Siracusa. It is included in the Monte Iblei protected denomination of origin.