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The Castle of Slaves

The Castle of Slaves has always been one of the most evocative buildings of the whole island.

The entrance shows an imposing iron gate with an arch on its upper part made from lavic stone. On its upper end it is possible to admire a mask which represents an angry face.

The arch shows decorations which are alternate with levelled stones and others with a pyramid whose vertex is in relief. The wall runs along the side of the portico and still keeps nooses made from lavic stone and once horses were fastened to them.

The building shows a light inclined front and it is thought that has been intentionally built in this way to give further relief to decorations. The surrounded park is very wide and it is furnished with a own well and it is full of varied sorts of plants which make it very suggestive.

Adjacent to the building there are stores, stables and the keeper's house.

The Castle is on two floors the lower floor is used to preserve all that is produced in the neighbouring estate, the upper floor is used as owners' residence.

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The Castle of Slaves

The entrance to the ground floor shows a very high door in the middle, adorned with a lavic stone frame and with a light in the vertex.

The upper floor shows an elegant balcony in the middle with convex railings and three very valuable swinging lamps. The door of this balcony is bordered with lavic stone decorated by various masks and along the sides there are two great windows set in row with those are below.

In each corner of this floor there are some little towers from which derives the addition "castle" to the building. Each of these towers shows facets, then they are close both in the upper and in the lower parts and on each side there are some loopholes, some of which show eyes and ears cut on.

The admittance to the castle is inside and it is possible thanks to a little door. Very visible is the imposing loggia placed at top of the building on the junction of the sloping faces of the roof. It is three metres high and the base is about four metres and half multiply three metres.

It is furnished with three large arched openings both in the eastern and western sides and other two windows with same size are in the northern and southern sides. In direction od these openings it is possible to admire some statues which represent two moors.

As regards the inside of the Castle, it is very different from a floor to another floor. In fact the lower floor is a cold storeroom and in it are preserved foodstuff and is without lights.

The upper floor indeed has eight rooms full of objects which show the typically elegant standard of living.

Among these, worthy of particular attention are some valuable paintings which represent among other things the arm-of-coats of Gravina family, books now undiscoverable, the elegant furniture in the typical XIXth-century style and the valuable white doors may be of the XVIII century.

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