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Progetti in corso

Progetti in Corso
ipotesi di architetture nella realtà meridionale

Author: Antonino Marino
Pages: 181
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 40.000 (Euro 20,66)
Publication date: March 1999
ISBN 88-7820-136-7

EDAS Editrice

The book collects six projects that in some way record the occasions of job in a geographic area like the Sicilian one. Next to the plan of Grammichele, written up in occasion of the competition for the upgrading of the public square, there are other projects, written up in order to verify architectonic new hypothesis, solutions particular or simply in order to determine the costs for the successive financings.

They are mainly general projects, where the total strategy is prevailing, finalized to giving one operating answer to the many issues of the architecture. Answer that passes through the observation of the place, its ability to influence on the organization of the new architecture in functional and space terms and finally through the use of a language that must take in accounts that one of the contemporary architecture.

Objective of this short collection is also that one to tell to architecture students about projects relating to the practice of the job of architect in orographic, climatic, historical and cultural situations close to their own life. Because of this the projects illustrate, through sketches, technical designs, technological deepenings and materials deepenings the various solutions previous to the definitive one. It has been attempted to show the development of the project more than the finished product of the msame, what usually the student can see on the tables of design or in the computer of the study of a older architect.

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