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The town of Licodia Eubea

Tourism in Licodia Eubea

The Cathedral Church

Placed in the western part of the small town, the Church has always been consecrated to the patron, Santa Margherita.

The exact date of its building is still now uncertain, but it is known the date of its rebuilding which has been made after the earthquake of 1693, that spared only a wing of previous building.

The outside shows an elegant front in late Baroque style made of finely dressed stone and it is placed on a ground floor and turned to east.

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The inside shows a structure with three naves with six arcades which raise on columns with Corinthian capitals.

Contrary to vault in the middle, which is very simple in its working, the trabeation and six large windows show very rich decorations because of elegant wall stuccoes.

Worthy of particular attention for meticulousness of workings are the chapels set along the sides of the apse: the left one is consecrated to Santa Margherita and the right one is consecrated to Sant'Antonio Abate.