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Ricotta cheese and strawberries of Maletto cake


150 grammes of flour of type 00, 7 eggs, 250 grammes of sugar, 1/2 sachet of vanilla, 100 grammes of starch for cakies, 50 gr. of butter, 1/2 glass of rum, 400 grammes of ricotta cheese cream, 50 grammes of sugar and a small basin of strawberries of Maletto.

Ricotta cheese and strawberries of Maletto cake


Mix the sugar with the red ones of egg and the vanilla and whip it until the mixture becomes clear, it increases its volume and the sugar melts. Add the flour and the starch and continue to whip it.

Put the mixture in a food container and add the beated egg whites. Mix it with a wood spoon.

Put the whole in a buttered, floured and round mould of approximately 20 centimetres of diameter. Cook it in a oven having the temperature of 140 for 30 minutes.

Prepare in a part the ricotta cheese cream, sifting it with the starch and a spoon of sugar.

When the sponge is cold, take it off from the mould and cut it so as to form two cake discs to soak in the rum. Spread uniformly the ricotta cheese cream on one of the cake discs.

Overlap the other disc and make it to rest on a plate in a refrigerator for 1 hour.

Before serving it, decorate the cake with the strawberries and the sugar in veils.

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