The town of Maletto

Tourism in Maletto

The Cathedral Church

At about 55 km. far from Catania there is Maletto, the higest village of the province. In fact it is placed 960 m. above sea-level.

The scenery of the village which shows to visitors is splendid on one hand there is Etna, with its spectacular sceneries made of fire and smoke and on the other there are Nebrodi, the middle part of the mountain chain of the Northern Sicily which is divided from the massif of Etna by rivers Troina, Simeto and Alcantara.

The village houses the Cathedral Church, built in 1870 and dedicated to Sant'Antonio da Padova (St. Anthony of Padua).

The temple rises on a high up position and it is possible to get it through a flight of steps which leads to a little square in which is the church.

Photo © The Cathedral Church

The area is enclosed by a row of iron vertical elements which create a beautiful shape and make an uninterrupted closing.

On the front there are the middle portal, adorned with geometric shapes and defined by false columns in relief which support a triangular decoration set to completion of the main entry, and two little monumental doors on sides, both in the same style and with the same drawing.

The second order shows a large window elegantly framed and on it there is a noble coat-of-arms with simple contours and pictures. The Church ends into a triangular pediment decorated on three sides and it shows an artistic cross of refined taste.

All the outside wall of the building is light-coloured, so that decorations, made of false columns in relief which seem to support the whole structure, are emphasized.

The inside of the sanctuary shows, besides precious frescoes, some sculptures, valuable canvases and a magnificent altar.

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