The town of Mascali

Tourism in Mascali

Ruins of the Tower

At 34 km. far from Catania, at the foot of the imposing Etna and on the coast which looks on the Ionian Sea, rises Mascali.

The name perhaps derives from Byzantine Maskalis that is full of flowers and clearly refers to fruitful soils which thanks to vitality of lavaflows produce incomparable cultivations.

The small town was destroyed by the eruption in 1928 and was later rebuilt on a place upper than the olad medieval town which was also the seat of the beautiful Callipoli, a rich Calcidese colony.

The populated centre houses, in a territory placed at south of the neoclassical and beautiful Cathedral Church, the ruins of an old tower.

Veduta di Mascali

The building, with a vigorous and regular structure, had to help in defending surrounding territory like show its dimensions and style.

The building, which had a square plan and showed its shapes which were mainly in Gothic style, was made up of lavic stones thickned by mortar. The ancient tower was considerably damaged by the earthquake which destroyed its upper part.

On the fortress' walls it is observed a narrow opening used by soldiers to throw against enemies and to keep sheltered. In the upper part there is a window defined on the sides by elements in lavic stones; the same material has been used to make the architrave which supports the overhanging burden.

The contrast between dark grey and the tower creates a good visual sensation as well as the green lemon gardens which extend all around and the blu of sky.

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