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Macaroni with pig gravy


For the dough:
600 gr. of flour, 2 eggs, 180 gr. of water.

For the gravy:
300 gr. of beef, 300 gr. of pig lean meat, 250 gr. of pig rind, 2 garlic segments, half a onion, 25 gr. of extracted of tomato, 1 kg. and 1/2 of tomatoes, basil, parsley, 2 leaves of bay, 1/2 glass of red wine, 1 glass of olive oil, salt and pepper.


For the preparation of the macaroni: mix the flour with the eggs and add the tepid water little for time. Handle the paste and form many long paste breadsticks to cut in sections of 10 centimeters about. Roll up each section of paste on a crochet hook, afterwards extract the crochet hook. Make the some one with the other sections of paste, then let the macaroni to exsiccate.

For the preparation of the gravy: fry slightly in a pan the onion with the oil for 5 minutes, afterwards unite the crushed garlic segments, the beef and the pig lean meat and the ping rind cut in 3 centimeters wide strips. After approximately 10 minutes add the extracted of tomato and the wine and let it to evaporate. At last, add the remained ingredients(save the basil) and the tomatoes peeled and cut in pieces. Salt, pepper and boil it, then reduce the flame and continue to cook it on a low flame for 2 hours about and, if it is necessary, add half glass of water. .

Boil the macaroni in a pan with salty water, drain and season it with the pig gravy and the basil leaves.

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