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The town of Mazzarrone

Tourism in Mazzarrone

The Grape's Festival

The village of Mazzarrone is one of the main productive centres of grapes of the whole territory.

The high technological level in the cultivation of vine has in fact led the village to occupy a basic and drawer role in the whole economy of the area.

Results, which have brought valorization of grape on national and international markets, have been profitable so it brings the local government of Sicily to include Mazzarrone among the towns which will benefit from various facilities in promoting their products on a greater and greater scale.

As a consequence the Grape's festival has improved and inhabitants celebrate it every year in September.

The vineyard of Mazzarrone
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The grape of Mazzarrone
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This manifestation, has been in the last period, not only a traditional and folkloristic event but also, and above all, an efficient means for the incentive of an economic field which is strongly increasing.