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A panoramic view of Mineo
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Mineo (Zip Code 95044) is 140 Km. distant from Agrigento, 111 Km. from Caltanissetta, 56 Km. from Catania, which is the province it belongs to, 99 Km. from Enna, 155 Km. from Messina, 260 Km. from Palermo, 68 Km. from Ragusa, 97 Km. from Siracusa, 313 Km. from Trapani.

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Chiesa S. Maria Maggiore

The municipality counts 5.699 inhabitants, its surface measures 24.452 hectares, and its population density counts 23 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises over a hilly area, 459 meters above the sea-level.

The Town Hall is located in Ctr. Acquanuova, tel. ++39 0933-981154 fax. ++39 0933-981096.

Situated on the Iblei mountains, Mineo is outstanding for the rich production of wine grapes, citrus fruits, wheat, almonds, Indian figs, vegetables, and excellent olive oil, that can be tasted during the annual Sagra dell'olio d'oliva (Olive oil festival) held in the month of December. Cattle breeding, as well as sheep and pig farms, are flourishing. Wooden and iron objects produced by the local craftsmen are characteristic.

The name Mineo derives from the ancient name Mene, that was founded in the V century B.C. by the Sicilian king Ducezio.

The first inhabited center was subjugated to the Roman dominion, who transformed it into a military fort. Subsequently, even the Arabs used the town as a military fort, and built many farmhouses and imposing town walls.

Throughout the years, the town was part of the Royal state property. In 1693, it was devastated by a terrible earthquake, and thus experienced a slow renewal. In the XIX century, Sicily's first seismography station was established.

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Castle Ducezio

The most interesting monuments, architecturally speaking, are the Chiesa di S. Agrippina (the town's patron saint) rebuilt after 1693's earthquake, that presents three apses made of local calcareous ashlars, the Chiesa di S. Pietro preserving a work of art dated 1500, the Chiesa di S. Francesco that has a majestic renaissance portal, and the Chiesa di S. Maria Maggiore, of 1700, that beholds a marvelous alabaster statue of the Regina degli Angeli (the queen of the angels).

Other outstanding constructions are also Luigi Capuana's house of birth (1839-1915), 1700's Palazzo Pittari, and the remains of the Castle of king Ducezio.

One of Mineo's famous citizens was the writer and poet Luigi Capuana (1839-1915).

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