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The town of Mirabella Imbaccari

Tourism in Mirabella Imbaccari

The Church of Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of the Graces)

Built thanks to Giacinto Paternò, village's founder's son, the Church raises in the main square and before it there is a great flight of steps.

It thinks that it could have been built in the XVII° century in consideration of the structure of building made in baroque style.

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The outside shows a peculiar false loggia marked by the classical Sicilian taste.

As regards its inside, the Church still now keeps most of original furnitures.

Among these, worthy of particular attention is the painting which represents "La Crocifissione" (The Crucifixion) made with high technique and refinement by Michelangelo da Gangi.

Of great artistical interest is also another painting made by Michele Salvo da Gangi, who with extreme skill has reproduced faithfully a Raffaello's masterpiece.