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The town of Palagonia

Tourism in Palagonia

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (St. Mary of Graces)

Built nearby the historic centre, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, called also the Church of Crucifix, is one of the most beautiful of the village.

The date of its building is still now uncertain, but is thinks that it is connected to a period before the XVIII° century.

The outside is decorated in the least details which is shown by the numerous pilasters with capitals and by the working of the portal and of the middle windows.

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Still outside it is possible to admire a painted gable where it is represented the Madonna and on its sides there are two small bell-towers of dressed stone.

As much beautiful are the works kept inside the Church which make part of the original furnishings.

Among these worthy of a particular attention are a wooden statue dated to 1700 and representing the Madonna and a wooden Crucifix both of great artistic value.