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Paronamica di Raddusa
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Raddusa (Zip Code 95040) is 132 Km. distant from Agrigento, 67 Km. from Caltanissetta, 60 Km. from Catania, which is the province it belongs to, 50 Km. from Enna, 156 Km. from Messina, 209 Km. from Palermo, 115 Km. from Ragusa, 141 Km. from Siracusa, 308 Km. from Trapani.

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The castle of Gresti

The municipality counts 3.810 inhabitants, its surface measures 2.332 hectares, and its population density counts 163 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises over an internal hilly area, 350 meters above the sea-level.

The Town Hall is located in via Garibaldi n. 2, tel. ++39 095-667100 fax. ++39 095-662982, toll free number 800360780 (only for italian residence).

A charming agricultural center, Raddusa boasts a conspicuous production of citrus fruits, vegetables, and cereals, exhibited every year during the Wheat Feast, held in the month of September. The Zootechny  Exhibit/Market, held in the month of October, is also very interesting.

The name Raddusa derives from the Arab term Rabdusa, that means "land of abundant vegetation" because the cereal production in town is prosperous, reason why it is also called "the bread's capital".

The first suburb belonged to the Gravina family, and afterwards to the Barons of Ranciolo and Marabino. It belonged to the jurisdiction of the nearby town of Ramacca until 1861, when it became autonomous.

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A particular of Lake of Ogliastro

Architecturally speaking, the most interesting monument is the Chiesa Madre erected in 1850 based on the project of architect Giuseppe Maggiore, that preserves incredible Corinthian style stuccoes and the Torre del Feudo built in the eighteenth century on rock. It has a irregular octagonal plan.

Near to the city rises the Castle dei Gresti o di Pietratagliata.It built on the rock with tall tower raises a protection of the valley and the Diga Ogliastro, oasis natural , characterized by 2.000 winged belong to 60 kind.

Very important are the Feast of San giuseppe the patron saint of a town, celebrated in the 19 may and in the 19 september and the feast of wheat celebrated in the end of august.

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