The town of Raddusa

Tourism in Raddusa

The Cathedral Church

Raddusa is a rural centre which rises 61 km. from Catania on a characteristic hill between rivers Gornalunga and Dittaino.

The village was founded for marquise Francesco Maria Paternò's will who in 1810 was able to found, round his feuds, a small settling made up of peasants and colonists who cultivated his lands and of families who worked into sulphur mines of the villages of San Nicolò, Destra and Portilla.

In the village, which in the time has adapted to changed needs of its people, there is the Cathedral Church.

The temple, built in 1850 according to the plan of the architect Giuseppe Maggiore, shows a simple architecture which is very pleasant to see.

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The Cathedral Church - Immacolata Concezione

Its sizes which are not imposing are able to create that right relation among various parts and the whole which give a delicate and kind aspect to the church.

The admittance to the building is though a flight of steps, few steps follow one another along an inclined plan and make easier go up and down.

On the front there is a beautiful portal, divided in spaces with geometric shapes which draw a Cross framed by a sculptured decoration which finishes with a small arch.

It shows a window through which the inside is lighted with light effects which make still more enrapturing the valuable Corinthian stuccoes which adorn walls.

The church is crowned by a triangular pediment, adorned on the three sides, which supports an elegant and sinuous Cross.

The right part of the building leans against the bell-tower which is in the upper part a small structure, close with a dome, where it is set the clock of the village.

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