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The Church of Santa Maria

Built in the early XIII century with lavic material, the Church shows a complex structure both inside and outside since it has been chanced several times in the XVI and XIX centuries.

The unchanged parts in the time have been: three majestic apses finely decorated with small arches, hanging columns with capitals, check string-course and almost the whole right side.

This last part shows mullioned windows with one two and three lights which are very elegant and a precious portal made in Gothic-catalan style of the XV century and embellished with a small marble statue of Our Lady attributable to school of Pisa.

In direction of the centre of the front, raises a bell-tower with a cusp meticulously worked which was subjected to changes in the second half of 1800 with the addition of architectonic reliefs made of white limestone.

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The Church of Santa Maria

Datable to 1500 is the left side of the Church, with its Gothic portal and the sacresty supported by columns of a portico finely worked. Toward the early XIX century a dome was added to the Church and recently it has been restored and covered by copper plates.

As regards the inside it shows three naves supported by columns made of lavic stone with cappitals elegantly inlaid.

In direction of the middle nave it is possible to admire a precious painting representing "Storie di Maria" (Stories of Mary) datable to the XVIII century.

In the right aisle there are a marble baptismal font of the XVI century and a canvas representing the "Battesimo di Gesù" (Christ's Baptism) made by Francesco Paolo Finocchiaro (XIX-XX centuries).

Altars are decorated with different canvases which are very valuable. Among these worthy to be mentioned are the "Crocifisso con la Madre" (Crucifix with His Mother) and the "Sacra Famiglia" (Holy Family), attributable to the school of Messina and to Velasquez (1750-1827) respectively.

There are also an octagonal tabernacle of the school of Messina, a byzantine fresco representing the "Madonna del Pileri" (Our Lady of Pileri) made in the XIII century and the "Martirio di San Sebastiano" (St. Sebastian's martyrdom) made by Daniele Monteleone (1600-1614).

Very precious are also the closets in walnut of the sacresty datable to 1680 and 1768.

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