The town of Riposto

Tourism in Riposto

The Torricella

The Torricella raises in open country, about a kilometre from the coast and nearby a well for extraction of water from subsoil and it is surrounded by typical colours of local cultivations.

The quiet building speaks through its history which is possible to run over the evocative images which provoke its imposing walls now used up by air agents and by passing of the time.

The tower, which dates back to four years ago, had been erected to control methodically the passing of ships along the coast.
The plan was round and was about six metres in diameter. The building was characterized by big stones without a definite shape fastened with a mixture of sandy, water and lime.

The upper part shows some very big semicircular tiles. On the front are put in some powerful stone blocks made of lavic material with the external area very well smooth and on a block it is cut the date of building 1567.

The base of the building is defended by a perimetrical wall made of mortar and stones useful to curb possible slidings of the structure.
The inside, which is accessible through an inconvenient and small door, shows a vault covering shaped like an arch with double centre, typical of Gothic style, got through a grouping of stone and mortar.

From the vault, through an opening furnished with a wooden stairs, it gets to a wide terrace which was used as an observation place.

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