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The town of San Cono

Transportation in San Cono and surroundings

Air companies

The main civil airport of the province of Catania is "Filippo Eredia" in Catania - Fontanarossa, 102 Km. far from San Cono.
From there you can reach daily all the main italian and international cities.

Sea lines

The nearest ports are in Catania (96 Km.) and in Messina (192 Km.).


  • Highways
    San Cono is crossed by the highway 124 connecting Siracusa to crossroad of Gigliotto and by the highway 117 bis connecting Gela (Cl) - Enna.

  • Motorways
    In San Cono there are no motorway lines. The nearest one is the motorway A19 connecting Palermo to Catania.
    It is a freeway and has two lanes plus an emergency lane in both directions.

    The motorway A19 provides the following service areas:

    • Caracoli between Termini Imerese junction and industrial area;
    • Scillato between Buonfornello junction and Scillato junction;
    • Sacchitello between Enna junction and Mulinello junction;
    • Gelso Bianco at Motta Sant'Anastasia junction.


San Cono

(Railway station of interest: Caltagirone. Distance from the town: 21 Km)

From (and intermediate stops) To San Cono.

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Bus route

San Cono

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