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The town of San Cono

Tourism in San Cono

The Cathedral Church

Started in 1838, the Church has been finished thirty years later thanks to constant work of all the inhabitants of the village.

In the time, the original structure was subjected to some changes which brought to addition of the bell-tower and elegant wall stuccoes. It can be said that the Church was finished only in 1904.

Its inside shows an only nave and still now keeps most of the original furnitures.

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Among these there are four very precious altars overhanged by as many paintings of best workmanship representing the Anime Del Purgatorio (Souls of Purgatory) made by Francesco Vaccaro (1802-1882), San Francesco di Paola (St. Francis of Paola) and the Sacro Cuore (Holy Heart) made by Salvatore Cammarata and San Giuseppe attributable to Domenico Provenzani (1736-1794).

Worthy of particular attention are the valuable stuccoes and bas-reliefs representing San Michele Arcangelo, San Cono and the four evangelists Matthew, Luke, Marcus and John.

Very interesting from artistic point of view are paintings which adorn rose-windows Gesù nell'orto degli ulivi (Christ into Garden of Olives), Caino che uccide Abele (Cain who kills Abel), Il sacrificio di Abramo (Abraham's sacrifice) and La Resurrezione (The Resurrection).