The town of San Giovanni la Punta

Tourism in San Giovanni la Punta

The Sanctuary of Madonna of Ravanusa

San Giovanni la Punta rises on the south-east side of Etna few kilometres from Catania.

The name derives from the patron of the village and from a protrusion made of cooled lavic material with the peculiar pointed shape which raises in the neighbourings.

The beautiful climate and the scenery framed by Etna, that often exales a spectacular wreath of smoke, make of San Giovanni la Punta a tourist centre and a summer residence.

Its territory immersed in woods, among green vineyards and citrus orchards, delicately enriched by white flowers veined with violet pink, houses the Sanctuary of Madonna of Ravanusa.

Photo © Claudio Bonaccorsi 

The Sanctuary of Madonna of Ravanusa

The Church dates back to the XVIII century and was built for wish of the Bishop of Ventimiglia. The Sanctuary shows a splendid fresco of the XVI century representing Virgin Mary who was once venerated in a small sacred temple.

The title of the picture, that gives the name to the church, derives from a miraculous episode a girl, while was praying Madonna, fell to the ground like dead, then suddenly recovered consciousness amidst people's astonishment. From this the name of Madonna della Rinvenuta (Our Lady of the recovered) first, then Rinvenusa and finally Ravanusa.

The sanctuary shows a splendid glass portal richly decorated on the front. On the second order of the structure there are bell cells and a magnificent pediment, framed on the sides, and with it the church ends.

Very simple and elegant is the clock which adorns the external and fore part of the building. To Madonna della Ravanusa is bound a solemn celebration kept every year on 15 Agosto.

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