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The town of Aidone

Transportation in Aidone and surroundings

Air companies

In the province of Enna there are no airports. The nearest airport is Filippo Eredia in Catania - Fontanarossa, 100 Km. far from Enna.
From there you can reach daily all the main italian and international cities.

Sea lines

The nearest port is in Catania (68 Km.).


  • Highways
    Aidone is crossed by the highway 288 connecting Piazza Armerina to crossroad of Gerbini (Ct). It is also close to the highway 117 bis connecting Gela (Cl) to Enna.

  • Motorways
    Aidone is close to the motorway A19 connecting Palermo to Catania. It is a freeway and has two lanes plus an emergency lane in both directions.

    The motorway A19 provides the following service areas:

    • Caracoli between Termini Imerese junction and industrial area;
    • Scillato between Buonfornello junction and Scillato junction;
    • Sacchitello between Enna junction and Mulinello junction;
    • Gelso Bianco at Motta Sant'Anastasia junction.



(Railway station of interest: Dittaino. Distance from the town: 30 Km)

From (and intermediate stops) To Aidone.

From Aidone To (and intermediate stops).

Bus route


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