The town of Aidone

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The Archaeological Site of Morgantina.

The area of Morgantina was populated as early as the prehistory.

The oldest findings date back to the 13th century BC and they belong to a structure located at the top of Cittadella hill.

In that time the site was inhabited by the Morgeti, a people from the mainland, from which Morgantina probably took its name.

Photo © Municipality of Aidone 

View of the stoà of Morgantina

Soon after, the Calcidian colonists came from the plain of Lentinoi and they founded a new settlement  in the same hillside.

This town was invaded and sacked by the Sikel leader Dulcetius in 459 BC.

A new town was later built in the 5th century BC and it is located in the nearby countryside of Serra Orlando.

The settlement has a grid plan, which is the typical structure of Greek settlements of new foundation.

In the 3rd century BC, during the reign of Hieron, the town became very rich and culturally developed.

The remains of the surviving buildings are the evidence of this development.

Photo © Municipality of Aidone 

The Grande Fornace bring to light in Morgantina

Further excavations have brought to light remains dated back to the Romans who arrived later.

The reconstruction of the agorà, which was levelled in 211 BC, and the several remains dated up to 50 BC, are signs of the Roman age, which came to an end during the Roman Imperial age when the site declined and was gradually abandoned.

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