The town of Nicosia

Tourism in Nicosia

The St. Nicholas' Cathedral

The cathedral was dedicated to the patron saint of the town and still today it is difficult to date it.

Remarkable is the structure of the bell-tower built in Arabian - Sicilian style, dated back to a period before 1000.

The main entrance of the church is decorated with fine arabesques.

The north side door is framed by a porch supported by marble columns.

Numerous and various are the works of art kept inside the church by many different artists.

The St. Nicholas' Cathedral
Photo © Walter Lo Cascio
The St. Nicholas' Cathedral
Photo © Walter Lo Cascio

We mention the fine painting of the Resurrection by Velasco (1750- 1827), the wooden choir by Li Vorsi from Nicosia, a wooden crucifix by frà Umile da Petralia, a magnificent smooth timbre organ by La Valle, an artist from Palermo, a pulpit and a font in Gagini's school style and, last but not least, a remarkable wooden ceiling with valuable decorations, dominating the 19th century vault.

Finally there is a very important work of art: the Cona. It is a majestic marble icon by Gagini, placed behind the high altar. The name comes from its particular pinnacle shape and it is the only monument of its kind here in Sicily.

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