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Mpanata swordfish


For the filling: sliced swordfish kg. 1, tomato sauce (or tomatoes or sauce), a cup, a small bunch celery, capers gr. 100, green olives gr. 200, the court 2 or 3 zucchini, onion, oil, salt and pepper. For the pastry: flour gr. 500, gr lard. 200, 2 tablespoons sugar, white wine, a glass, one egg and one egg yolk.

Mpanata swordfish  



Prepared with flour, lard, sugar, white wine and a pinch of salt, a pastry, which let it rest for a few hours before paving in two leaves with which to line the bottom and sides of a buttered baking dish well.

Fry Meanwhile, in a large saucepan, grated onion with olive oil and just browned, add the chopped celery and already burned, pitted olives, capers.

Add the sauce and cook for a few minutes before it goes into the pan also swordfish, where you have removed the skin and any bones.

During cooking (about ten minutes) try to crumble with a wooden spoon. Apart clean the zucchini, cut into rolls and fry.

When everything is ready, pour into the pan lined with pastry part of the swordfish, then the zucchini and then the remaining fish.

Solder the mess with the other leaf paste and switch to a moderate oven for about half an hour.

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