The town of Antillo

Tourism in Antillo

The Carnival

About 50 kilometres from Messina, in the southern part of the mounts Peloritani, rises Antillo. Its splendid lands rich of best cultivations, produce walnuts, chestnuts, olives and grapes.

In occasion of Carnival the village transforms itself and becomes a theatre of jollity in redescovering its ancient tradition.

Shrove Tuesday is the day of the "vistuta di Picurari". The mask-character wears the traditional hat of shepherd, a white shirt, a jacket, trousers covered with goat-skin, leather shoes tied with cross strings that go on along the leg.

The shepherd also wears a belt from which cattle-bells hang down and to cover the face a cloth mask with two holes for the eyes covered with an embroidered cloth knotted behind the head.

Wore in such way "u picuraro" (the shepherd) goes through the streets of the village giving vent to his happiness that shows itself in shout, laughes, jokes accompained with sound of cattle-bells.

The mask-character, like a rite, acts together with passers-by exchanging some fixed remarks: the wayfarer asks to the shepherd a piece of cheese and the answer is a jocose action.

"U picuraro" closes his festival in the square dancing with female mask-characters, in a rite of reconciliation after having upset, for some days, the quiet of the village.

Music which accompanies dances is overcome by the noise of cattle-bells and by shouts of joy of people.

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