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Il Regno dell'Isola di Sicilia e delle Isole adiacenti

Il Regno dell'Isola di Sicilia e delle Isole adiacenti
Volume 1: dalla nascita (1282) alla peste del 1347-1348
Volume 2: la crisi (1348-1392)

Author: Corrado Mirto
Pages: 295 (Volume 1); 291 (Volume 2)
Italian text with pictures.
Price: L. 35.000 (Euro 37,38) Volume 1;
L. 35.000 (Euro 37,38) Volume 2
Publication date: September 1995
ISBN 88-7820-112-X (Volume 1)
ISBN 88-7820-101-4 (Volume 2)

EDAS Editrice

The work is articulated in two volumes and follows precise general criteria: the history of Sicily is seen from the point of view of the Sicilian and the Sicily is considered to the a protagonist, for better or for worse, of its history, and not an inert object of the other people's initiatives; men involved in great or small vicissitudes are introduced in their humanity, with their merits and their defects, and not seen like simple names that serve to identify vanishing and indifferenziate shadows.

The first volume begins with the revolution of the Vespro of the 1282 that carried to the end of the Angiona domination in Sicily and to the rising in the Sicily and the adjacent islands of an independent reign. The new state had 130 years of life: in the first 66 years it was a solid organism, ordered and vital, and succeeded to maintain its own independence exceeding hardest tests.

Il Regno dell'Isola di Sicilia e delle Isole adiacenti The following 64 years are dealt in the second volume.It is the period of the civil war and of the anarchy, where one can see the sunset of the ideals that had supported the country in the more difficult moments, and it ends with the annexation of the Sicily and the adjacent islands to the reign of Aragon.

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