The town of Caronia

Tourism in Caronia

The Castle

Placed on the top of the village, the Castle is the most important historic monument of the area.

Built arond 1130, the building is a good example of refinement which characterizes the buildings of Arab-Norman period.

The squared shapes are lightened by windows surmounted by blind pointed arcade.

It is a fortified complex with fortified triangular town-walls with defensive towers.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina 

The Castle

The greater boundary wall is now completely included into the houses of the village.

The access to the castle, placed on the oriental side of the building perimeter, is assured from a splendid portal in Renaissance style.

The main door is on the eastern side of the building and shows a blazon of Pignatelli, the ancient family who got it.

Unfortunately it is alway closed because it is still now a private property, and this prevents anyone from visiting it or using it.

Photo © A.A.P.I.T. Messina
Saracen arch

Within the castle there is the "palace", a building with two floors. The first floor, without windows, was destined to warehouse, and the second floor was partially destined for habitation. There are also other rooms that evoke the Muslims style like the elegant room with pointed incomes and curious pleated vaults.

The Chape lof the Castle is one of the least examples in Sicily of Normanne Chapels with a nave and two side aisles.

The nave is nearly double than the two side aisles, with pillars to rectangular base, closed by three small semicircular apses. This original architecture is referable to the typical styles of the basiliano - norman churches and recalls to the mind the Palatina Chapel of the King Palace of Palermo.

In the town are still visible the basement of a tower placed to the main entrance of the city, and an arch said "Arco Saraceno".

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