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The "minuta" olive

The Nebrodi mountains are the great green heart of Sicily. In particular the neighbouring Castell'Umberto Sinagra and represent the ideal environment where to growe a rare and ancient Sicilian olive : the "minuta" olive.

More resistant to the severe climatic conditions than other species like the santagata, the ogliarola or the verdello, the "minuta" one has been cultivated to lower altitudes.

The minuta olive

The "minuta" olive has many important nutritional qualities, reduces the risk of developing cancer and has a high concentration of vitamin E, an antioxidant.

The "minuta" olive produces a medium size fruit that matures early. According to the degree of maturation and altitude, the harvesting is carried out manually from mid-October to mid-December.

The harvesting is done with the so-called "bacchiatura" that is shaking the olive branches with a pole placing a net under the olive tree to prevent the dispersal of the olives in the fall and their contact with the ground.

The oil obtained is fruity, very sensitive and has a low acidity. The oil is delicate, with a fair balance between bitter and spicy, rich slight hints of fruity, floral with notes. It is particularly suitable for fish dishes.

The "minuta" olives are also good table olives and can be preserved in a number of ways, like the "tinello" way, namely in brine with a mixture of water and salt with added herbs from the Nebrodi, or in the "suppresso" way, where the olive are stuffed in layers, in wood containers or ceramic, with salt and herbs.

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